South Russian Owtcharka Breed Information and Facts

The South Russian Owtcharka is a beautiful dog coming to use from the Crimea region of Russia. Let's take a closer look at the breed information and facts you need to know when deciding if the South Russian Owtcharka is the breed for you. 
Breed Origin
The South Russian Owtcharka originated Askania Nova in the Crimea region in the early nineteenth century. The dog is believed to be a mix of Spanish and German Sheepdogs mixed in with local dogs of unknown breed lines. The dog was bred to fight wolves and guard sheep herds from predators.
The Owtcharkas breed has nearly met with extinction on a number of occasions. The killing off of wolves resulted in a lack of need for the dog and it was nearly gone by the time of the Russian Revolution. Breeders revived the line, but the dog again nearly went extinct as so many other breeds did during World War II. Things became so perilous that the few remaining pups had to be crossbred with Komondors to build a sufficient breeding population. Because of this, there are no pure South Russian Owtcharkas today.
Owtcharka Average Size
The South Russian Owtcharka is a powerful, solidly built dog who hides its size under a voluminous coat of white hair. If the hair was trimmed, this dog would stand 2 feet tall and weigh a hefty 100 to 120 pounds when fully matured. 
Grooming Needs
This breed has what is known as a double coat of hair. In truth, the pup looks like a giant sheepdog, but the hair only really needs to be combed occasionally as it has oils that help it remain in good shape and clean.
An Owtcharka's Temperament 
The South Russian Owtcharka is bred to guard livestock and fight predators. We are talking large herds and the dog is often left alone at night to do its job. This has resulted in a dog that is very independent and dominant. It can and will be affectionate in a family environment, but it is also temperamental. It can bark and growl at strangers. Once comfortable with people and other animals, the dog is a fine friend and relaxed.  
Training Needs
To be blunt, this is not a dog for a first time dog owner. The combination of size and genetic predisposition makes this a tough dog to handle if you do not know what you are doing. The dog will take to training, but only after a healthy mental struggle between dog and master to establish who the dominant player in the relationship is. 
Activity Level
This is one of the few breeds that have not really been adapted to modern life. The Russian Owtcharka does not make a good family pet in a condo or small house. This dog needs a lot of space or it can crumble mentally. Unless you live in the country or go hiking daily, this is probably not a good choice as a dog. If you live on a working farm, this is the perfect pet. 
The South Russian Owtcharka is a beautiful, big dog. However, it is also a dog that needs to be in the right environment to really prosper. This means a bit, open area where it can physically and mentally stretch out. If this sounds like a good match for you, then click the button below to see our current listings of puppies. If not, click here to visit our home page and try our "Puppy Match App" to get a list of breeds that might be a better match for you.
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