Standard Schnauzer Breed Information

Standard Schnauzer  

The Standard Schnauzer has a life expectancy of 13 to 16 years.

The Standard Schnauzer is the first of the Schnauzer breeds. The Standard Schnauzer originated in Germany and has been around since the Middle Ages. At that time, the dogs were used to work around the farm to herd flocks, get rid of vermin and watch over the property. They also accompanied traveling merchants around the countryside to serve as protectors of their inventory. Standard Schnauzers are believed to be a cross of the black German Poodle, gray Wolfspitz and wirehaired Pinscher.

The Standard Schnauzer weighs 30 to 50 pounds and measures 17 to 20 inches.

Grooming Needs
The Standard Schnauzer has a wiry double coat and sheds very little. The Standard Schnauzer should be brushed a few times a week and bathed only when dirty. The Standard Schnauzer should also be hand stripped every four to six months by a professional groomer. If not being shown, the Standard Schnauzer can be clipped instead of hand stripped, but doing so will change the texture of their coat.

Like all dogs, Standard Schnauzer also needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.  

The Standard Schnauzer is energetic and protective.

The Standard Schnauzer thrives on family time and grows deeply attached to their loved ones. The Standard Schnauzer will not be content to be left out or ignored and will insist on being included in activities. They like to be close to their family and are happy to give and receive affection.

Devoted to their family, the Standard Schnauzer makes an effective watchdog. Not only do they have a deep bark, but Standard Schnauzers take their job as guardian quite seriously. They are natural protectors and always on the alert. Standards Schnauzers are suspicious of strangers, but accept new people once properly introduced.

Training Needs
The Standard Schnauzer is quite intelligent, but headstrong. The Standard Schnauzer requires consistency and firm boundaries or they will try to dominate. With the right trainer, the Standard Schnauzer learns quickly and can do well in obedience, agility and tracking. This breed likes to use their mind as well as their body.

As part of their training, the Standard Schnauzer also needs early socialization. They can be aggressive with dogs of the same sex and standoffish with new people if not well trained and socialized.

Activity Level
The Standard Schnauzer is athletic and highly energetic. They like to work hard and play hard. Standard Schnauzers won’t be satisfied with a couple of laps around the block. Instead, they need long walks and, even better, time to jog, hike, bike or swim alongside their owners. Standard Schnauzers should also have regular time outside in a secure area to play games of Frisbee and run around.

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