Toy Bulldog Breed Information and Facts

What's better than a classic Bulldog? A Toy Bulldog. Let's take a closer look at the Toy Bulldog breed information and facts you need to know when considering whether to add one of these pups to your family. 
The Toy Bulldog is a miniaturized version of the Bulldog. Bulldogs originated from an Asiatic breed and were used hundreds of years ago for the sport of bull baiting. Bull baiting was a pretty brutal sport. The bull was tied to a post and Bulldogs were let go on it. The first Bulldog that could pin the bull's nose to the ground won the event. 
Fortunately, bull baiting is now outlawed. Are Bulldogs still aggressive? Nah. Most of the aggressive traits have been bred out of the dog. They can occasionally be a bit fussy, but not too much. These traits are passed down to the Toy version of the breed, which is actually fairly cute. 
The Toy Bulldog will weigh around 25 pounds and stand around a foot tall. It is essentially a miniature version of the bigger breed.
Grooming Needs
The Toy Bulldog has extremely short hair, so this makes it very easy to maintain their coat. The occasional cleaning is all that is needed. Having said this, it is important to check the pup regularly for any rashes, scrapes and what have you. 
The Toy Bulldog is a loyal companion and very positively spirited. They need to be with their family at all times. They are a bit more energetic than the larger version of the breed.
The Toy Bulldog has a good temperament, but the dog needs to be socialized to humans and other animals as soon as possible. It can suffer a bit from "small dog disease", so the early socialization puts a cap on such behavior by making the pup comfortable with people and other animals. 
Hereditarily, this dog has dominant tendencies. Many Toy Bulldog owners make the mistake of treating their pups like small children. This can give the dog a feeling of dominance, which can make training difficult. Despite the small size, an owner must establish and maintain its dominance over the pup to avoid problems. 
Training Needs
The Toy Bulldog is smart, but may require some patience in order to be trained properly. It is a curious dog with more energy than the larger version of the breed. This means it can be easily distracted, so sticking with the training is important. Get the dog in a routine for everything from eating to urinating to learning commands and you should end up with a dog that is receptive to training and commands.
Activity Level
The Toy Bulldog does well in an apartment environment, as it is not very active indoors. Care should be taken not to leave this breed in extreme heat or cold as the dog’s short mouth makes it very inefficient at regulating its body temperature. The Toy Bulldog should be taken for a walk each day in order to work off some excess energy and therefore help prevent any behavioral problems. These walks will also help satisfy the dog’s instinct for walking. 
People tend to either be big fans of Bulldogs or dislike them entirely. If you love the breed, the Toy Bulldog is a great version for a person living in a smaller living space. Click below to see our current listings.
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