Toy Fox Terrier Breed Information

If you are looking for a very small yet very athletic looking dog, then you need to find yourself a Toy Fox Terrier. This is a dog that is very elegant and graceful. The Toy Fox Terriers are known for looking very cute with their overly big ears and huge eyes. They look very cute, because their heads are very small, and it looks like if a gust of wind came along, it would carry them away by their ears. You can easily find Toy Fox Terrier puppies as they are a favorite among people. Their coats are very short and fine. In fact, their hair almost gives off a kind of glossy look to it. There are two different colors that this dog comes in (although that makes it almost sound like a car); one is a chocolate color that is starting to replace the black ones and then, of course, the three colored ones. These are the tan, white and chocolate ones. People tend to think that because they are bred together, that over time the tan from the other dog has started to turn the black to a chocolate color. It's very rare to see a black Toy Fox Terrier.

To give you an idea of how small this dog is, they can range in height from about 8 inches to 11 inches. They never get any bigger than that. On top of this, they are only about 3 to 7 pounds. Most people do not even know that a 3 pound dog is out there. Of course, this all adds to the charms of the Toy Fox Terriers. Whenever you see one, they are very sweet and they love people. It's hard to ever get mad at one of these dog breeds, because of how small and cute they are. This is a dog that you can really just stick in a pocket book and carry it around. They love to go everywhere with their owners and are actually accustomed to doing so.

These dogs are very active despite their small size. They are also a very, very intelligent breed of dog. They can learn and respond very well to many human words. The Toy Fox Terriers tend to get used a lot in circuses with clowns, because of how well they can be trained and how intelligent they are. If you are a person with a good sense of humor, then you will need to get one of these dogs. People that like to have fun will find a good companion in a Toy Fox Terrier. Although they are very active they are not as active as, say, the Jack Russell Terriers. Thus, they make a good dog for older owners that do not want a big dog. They are very quite and do not bark much. People with disabilities love to have these kinds of dogs. Toy Fox Terriers are very cute dogs that tend to get along with everyone. They love other animals and tend to be a little afraid of cats. This is because a lot of cats are bigger than them and tend to pick on them a lot.

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