Weimardoodle Dog Breed Information

The Weimardoodle is a hybrid Poodle and the result of cross-breeding between a Weimaranger and a Poodle. This is precisely how the Weimardoodle got its name. The name Poodle will usually conjure up thoughts of a small dog, but despite their Poodle conncection, Weimardoodles are large dogs. Like several other hybrid breeds, the Weimardoodle is not recognized by the Americal and Canadian Kennel Clubs. It is not as popular as other hybrid cross-breeds but nevertheless can make a reasonably good house pet if trained early on.


The Weimardoodle can be categorized as a large dog owing to its size. It is sturdy, muscular and hardy. Weimardoodles have an intelligent expression and have an overall well-built look. An adult Weimardoodle male stands approximately 20 - 27 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs between 45 and 70 lbs. The coat of this breed is short, smooth and has curly fur. It has a variety of colors that include gray, brown, cream and black, either sable or solid.

Grooming and Health

The coats of Weimardoodles need frequent dog grooming like brushing or trimming by a professional. This is necessary to remove dead or loose hair, apart from dust and dirt. When necessary, the dog must also be given a bath. The ears of the Wemardoodle must be cleaned and picked regularly, this is to avoid infection. Weimardoodles may be sturdy but also have their share of health problems. Some problems include bloat, hip dysplasia, PRA and Von Willebrand's disease. Regular veterinarian check-ups are therefore highly recommended.


The Weimardoodle exudes an air of happiness and has also proved to be loving and affectionate, particularly to their masters. However, Weimardoodles are not recommended for homes which have small children, owing to their large size. Apart from being pleasant and cheerful, the Weimardoodle is also a brave and sensitive dog. It gets along well with other dogs with whom they have been raised, but not with other non-canine pets. Therefore, it would be advisable to invest in Weimardoodle Puppies, so that they may be trained early on to interact better with other dogs and pets. Weimardoodles do not like being left alone for long periods, or ignored, as they are particularly family oriented. They will display destructive behavior if they are lonely or bored. The Weimardoodle is not really a good watchdog or guard dog, although it will alert its masters if they hear any strange sounds, or if they encounter strangers or visitors.

Activity and Ownership

Owing to their size and preference for large spaces, Weimardoodles are happier in rural settings and are not suitable for apartment living. If you intend to own a dog of this breed, you can purchase them from reputed breeders on our site by clicking the button below. A Weimardoodle may neither be a popular family pet nor an ideal one. However, if you wish to own one, it is essential to study all you can about this breed. Once you've learnt enough about Weimardoodles, who knows, you'll be able to mould it to please and serve you in its own happy, cheerful way.

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