Westiepoo Dog Breed Information

When it comes to cross bred dogs, there is one that a lot of people have not heard about, and that is the Westiepoo. This is a dog that is a cross between the West Highland White Terriers and (wait for it), a poodle (no one saw that coming). This is a dog that is a designer dog, because it was bred to be very hypoallergenic. This means that it's good for people that are not good with animals due to allergies. This is a very happy-go-lucky dog that also tends to make a great watch dog. Even the Westiepoo Puppies are well known for barking at strange noises (like a knock at your door). This dog loves to be around people, and it loves to eat. They are great companion dogs and are well suited to live in small houses and even apartment buildings. These dogs may be compact, but they have a very sturdy appearance. They are also very agile and pretty appealing to look at as well.

The Westiepoos are pretty spunky dogs that love to figure things out. They are very clever and have a bad habit of getting into things that they should not. The dog is very family oriented, however. So it would rather spend time with you than to get into trouble, which means that only when you are gone do you have to worry about this dog causing problems. Most of the time when they are lonely they just bark a lot. However, this can be easily fixed by leaving music on for the dog when you are gone. Hearing the peoples' voice helps to make them happy. These dogs also learn the sound of peoples' voices. When they hear family voices, they do not bark. However, when they hear a strangers voice, they bark up a storm. They make it rain barks on the stranger, however, it stops at that. These dogs are not attack dogs and are pretty shy. Thus, they like dog barking from a different room than what the stranger is in.

Taking care of one of these pups is relatively easy. They do not have to be brushed or cleaned too much if they live inside. If they go outside a lot, you need to wash them a lot. That is because they suffer from chronic skin problems. However, that is not all they suffer from. They also get liver disease, PRA, and epilepsy more than other dogs. These are dogs that make good pets. They get along with kids, and they love having other dogs that can play with them. So if you are going to have to leave the dog alone a lot, you may want to get it a playmate. Keep that in mind when getting one of these dogs. You do not want to come home every day and find something new that the dog has gotten into. These dogs are pretty amazing and have a very high drive to do what they want to. Thus, you are not going to be able to keep them out of trouble if that is what they want.

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