Whenever you cross two breeds of dogs, you can bet that one of those breeds is going to be a poodle. Well, this just so happens to be the case whenever you are talking about Whoodles. These are dogs that are crossed with a poodle and a soft coated wheaten terrier. This gives you a type of dog that has never been seen before. When you look at these dogs, it is apparent that they usually look more like the terrier that they are mixed with than the poodle. However, they do have some poodle qualities. It's just, most of the poodle qualities that these dogs have, you can not see. They are more internal qualities than anything else. For example, the Whoodles are a lot smarter than most terriers. This is because of the mix of poodle. This is just one of the qualities you can find in these dogs.

These are dogs that have been bred for a certain reason. Most of the time these dogs are bred to either to fix genetic problems or to help with allergies. That is another reason why a lot of people mix dogs with poodles. The poodle breed is very good for people that have bad dog allergies, because they do not shed very much. Thus, if you mix it with a breed that does shed a lot, then you can cut down the amount that they shed. Of course, this is not something that always works. Whenever you are messing with crossbreeding, you never know what traits they are going to pull from what parents. The good news is that you stand a better chance of making the terrier shed less when you mix it with a poodle. If you mix it with a terrier, then it has no chance of shedding less, because no matter what dog the puppy gets the gene from, it will be a shedding gene. If the dog is mixed with a poodle, however, then it has a bout a 50% shot of not shedding.

To make an actual mixed breed, like the Whoodles, you have to have a 50/50 mix. This means that the two breeds that you mix together have to be full breeds. If one is full and the other is not, then you have more like a 50/25/25 mix. It gets even worse when you breed two mixed dogs together, because then it becomes a 25/25/25/25 mix. This is when the dogs will start to be called mutts. The term, mutt, is not really a bad term like we make it out to be. This just means that you are not sure of what breeds have been mixed together to make a dog. This does not mean that the dog can not run as fast, jump as high, or live as long as anyone else. In fact, they have a chance to live longer, because they will have less genetic problems. So, give one of these dogs a shot, you will be happy you did.

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