Yorkinese Breed Information and Facts

Mixing breeds is very popular these days and the Yorkinese is perhaps one of the more popular mixes available to dog owners these days. Let's profile the Yorkinese breed information and facts you need to know when evaluating whether this is the pup for you and your family.
The Yorkinese is a designer breed of dog developed in the United States. They are derived from crossing the Yorkshire Terrier with the Pekingese breed. The goal of such breeding efforts is to create a pup with the desired traits of the two breeds being crossed while eliminating unwanted traits. The cross breeding in this case appears to have been designed to generate a pup that is both practical and well mannered. The Yorkshire Terrier was a vermin hunting dog while the Pekingese was a dog of royalty. An odd mix? Yes, but somehow it works. 
The Yorkinese will grow to be about seven inches tall and to weigh around eight pounds. All and all, this is a very tiny dog and can be delicate.
Grooming Needs
The Yorkinese has a long, complicated coat of hair. This makes frequent grooming a must. You must be willing to commit to the time required to do it or the financial cost of having a groomer do it. 
The breed is very energetic and thanks to their Yorkshire roots, the Yorkinese most likely wont realize how little it is compared to other dogs. They are extremely affectionate and loving dogs – a great family dog. The Yorkinese makes a good watchdog and companion. 
The Yorkinese should be treated as a dog, not a small child as other small breeds often are treated. The reason for this is this pup can become bossy and unruly if it thinks it is the master of the house. This leads to an ill tempered dog that barks whenever it likes, ignores your commands and jumps on guests with impunity. Obviously, such conduct needs to be avoided where possible.
Training Needs
The Yorkinese is both a great and difficult dog when it comes to training issues. Is the breed highly intelligent? Yep. Is the pup stubborn? Yes. This effectively means your Yorkinese is going able to quickly and effectively learn the ins and outs of commands and proper dog conduct – it just might not want to do so. The key to prevailing is persistence. Stick with training backed by positive reinforcement and you should end up with a well behaved dog.
Activity Level
The Yorkinese will do well in apartment life, but needs to get out and about a bit like any dog. To this end, a daily walk of a moderate distance is advisable as is playing around the house a bit.
The Yorkinese is a fairly popular designer breed. If you are looking for an affection, small, smart breed, this may well be the pup for you. Click the button below to see our current listings of Yorkinese.
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