Akita Puppies For Sale

The Akita is perhaps one of the more beautiful breeds you will find amongst the various dog species. When considering Akita puppies for sale, however, it is important you first understand at least the basic profile of this breed.

We've included a video below highlighting the characteristics of the Akita breed. If you don't have time to watch, you should at least know the following:

  • The Akita has a thick coat that should be brushed every day.
  • This breed needs to be walked once a day for exercise purposes.
  • The Akita is possessive, which means training is recommended to keep them from being aggressive towards others. 
  • The Akita originates from the mountains of Japan, so they can have health problems in areas with extreme heat. 
  • This is a very intelligent breed, but also a bit headstrong. 

Go ahead and watch the following video to get a full profile on the Akita. You can then scroll down and find Akita puppies for sale at the bottom of the page.


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