Arctic Wolf Puppies For Sale

Coming to us from Arctic Canada, the Arctic Wolf is a unique species of dog. One look at a litter of Arctic Wolf puppies for sale will have your heart melting given there incredibly cuteness. This is one breed where you can't help but go "awww." 
While Arctic Wolf puppies are incredibly cute, there is no doubt we are talking about a wolf with these dogs. This is not a species with a hint of something wild in its past. These wolves look exactly like wolves, which can be a conversation starter when out on a walk if nothing else. 
Things you should know about the Arctic Wolf include:
  • This is a large breed that can grow to 120 pounds.
  • Despite its size, the Arctic Wolf lives 12 to 14 years, which is longer than normal with large dogs. 
  • To domesticate these wolves, they are often cross-bred with Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies. 
  • Although Arctic Wolves should be brushed weekly, they only need to be washed twice a year. 
  • These wolves will shed much of their coat with each new season. Yes, four times a year.
  • This breed is not good with kids because they may interpret them as prey when children run. 
  • The breed is wild, so it is cautious and not particularly outgoing. 
  • Arctic Wolves do bond well with adult humans. 
  • As you can imagine, this is a dog that needs a ton of exercise. 
  • These pups will also strive naturally to be the alpha male in the home. They should only be brought into a home with a dominant person already present. 
Can this breed make a good pet? Yes, if the circumstances are tailored to the needs of the dog. You can view stunning Arctic Wolf puppies for sale below. 


New puppies are added every day, check back soon!

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