Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale

If you are looking for a beautiful, brilliant dog, the Australian Shepherd may be the perfect pick. The first thing you will notice when looking at Australian Shepherd puppies for sales is the diversification of colors and their amazing eyes. The genetics of this dog tend to produce multicolored "fractured" eyes you can't help but look deeply into. 
You can get an overview of Australian Shepherds by watching the video below this brief introduction. If you prefer to skip the video and simply scroll down to our Australian Shepherd puppies below, at least take the following information into account. 
  • Australian Shepherds are very smart and take to training well.
  • These dogs tend to weigh 35 pounds or so as an adult and can be classified as a small to medium size dog. 
  • This species needs to exercise to burn off energy, and make great jogging companions. If you do not have time to pay attention to them and give them plenty of exercise, you should look at another species. 
  • As their name suggests, these pups tend to shepherd other animals including other dogs!
  • With a medium thickness coat of hair, these pups need to be brushed once a week and will shed a good bit twice a year. 
As a former owner of an Australian Shepherd, I can tell you these are great dogs if you can give them plenty of exercise. Watch this short video and then take a look at what we have on offer for Australian Shepherd puppies for sale below.


New puppies are added every day, check back soon!

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