Beagle Puppies For Sale

A word of warning. I suggest you wear blinders when looking at Beagle puppies for sale. Why? The stare of a Beagle puppy has been known to melt steel doors. These puppies are simply incredibly cute. 
And what about the breed as a whole, particularly when they grow up to adults? You can view the video below for an overview, but here are a few highlights regarding what you need to know. 
  • Beagles are actually considered hounds.
  • As a whole, this breed has fewer health problems than other dog species.
  • Beagles grow to about a foot in height.
  • These dogs are excellent at tracking by smell and have historically been used as hunting dogs despite their relatively small size. 
  • Although smaller, Beagles don’t require a lot of daily exercise. However, you should at least take them on a daily walk to keep their weight down. 
  • Beagles are very personable and will fit in with a family without any problem. 
Beagles are usually in the top five each year when the most popular dog breeds are announced and rightly so. This video gives you an overview of the breed or you can scroll down to take a look at the Beagle puppies for sale we currently list.


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