Bloodhound Puppies For Sale

Known for their tremendous tracking skills thanks to their excellent sense of smell, many people are surprised to learn Bloodhounds also make great family pets. If you are considering adding one to your family, we've put together the following video on the breed and then listed the purebred Bloodhound puppies for sale we currently have at the bottom of the page. 
Although the video gives you an overview of the Bloodhound breed, a few highlights you need to really be familiar with include:

  • Bloodhounds were bred to track humans, not foxes.
  • Although these dogs look laconic, they have plenty of energy when aroused.
  • Bloodhounds should be exercised every day or they can grow "sneaky fat" since their loose skin can cover weight gains. 
  • Bloodhounds are not great additions in households with cats as they tend to chase them.
  • While Bloodhounds are great with adults, they can be annoyed by kids unless the dog is well socialized. 
  • Bloodhounds are generally considered to have above average intelligence, but they can sometimes be difficult to train. 
Bloodhounds make good pets for adults looking for a dog. If you are considering one for a household with small kids, you may want to go with another species. This video can fill you in on these issues or you can scroll down to see the Bloodhound puppies for sale we currently have on tap.


New puppies are added every day, check back soon!

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