Boerboel Puppies For Sale

The Boerboel is thought to derive from European Mastiff and bull breeds as well as native South African dogs. The name Boerboel literally means "Farmer's mastiff". To quote Col. David Hancock from his book, "Mastiffs - The Big Game Hunters",

"The Boerboel appears to feature all the best attributes of the mastiff breeds: immense power combined with great faithfulness, physical stature combined with admirable tolerance and a temperament capable of placidity or ferocity, if its family is threatened. The Boerboel looks to be a magnificent breed, developed in a hard school by tough farmers who were threatened by every kind of dangerous predator, in testing terrain and a challenging climate. Hard-pressed pioneer farmers, however resourceful, didn't have the circumstances which exactly encouraged the conservation of rare breeds of dog. They had a need for brave powerful virile dogs and bred good dog to good dog until they obtained the desired result. Performance directed every breeding programme. Pure-breeding, handsomeness and a respect for heritage doesn't usually feature highly in a pioneer hunter-farmer's priorities. It should be a matter of pride that the Boerboel was developed from the best mastiff-type dogs available in South Africa and brought here by soldiers, colonists and settlers from Europe. It is a breed to be proud of for that reason alone."

In short, we are talking about a dog with a noble history. While your family probably will not be threatened by lions and tigers [oh, my!], you can rest assured these dogs will keep a watchful eye on your property and kids when strangers are about. Here are our current listings of Boerboel puppies for sale. 


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