Boxer Puppies for Sale

When you look at the boxer puppies for sale we have listed below, you would have a hard time believing they have a rather tough reputation. These dogs, historically, were very tough and they look fierce as adults even now. Anyone who has owned a Boxer, however, can tell you these dogs are really just big softies underneath the tough exterior. 
Boxers come to us from Germany. They are a hybrid of Barenbeiszer and Bullenbeiszer breeds, which are similar to Mastiffs. The dogs were bred as working dogs. Common tasks included pulling carts as well as chasing and pinning down bison and boar. Yes, we are talking about a strong, big dog. 
Despite this description and their fierce expressions, Boxers tend to have great personalities. They are tremendous with kids and I often see my neighbor's Boxer walking by wearing a dress the three little girls next door have dressed him up in. 
Generally speaking, Boxers are very social and do best when they get attention and are included in family functions. They do well with other dogs and are surprisingly happy go lucky despite their appearance. The following video gives you a chance to see them in action. If you prefer, you can just scroll down and see our current listings for Boxer puppies for sale. 


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