Brittany Puppies for Sale

Often called a French Spaniel, the Brittany is a beautiful dog that makes a great family pet. If you are looking for Brittany puppies for sale, just scroll to the bottom of this page or continue to read on to learn more about these great dogs. 
The Brittany gets its name from Brittany, France, where it originated. The dog is a medium size pup weighing in around 30 pounds and standing a foot and a half tall. It has a lovely white and orange coat of hair usually although it can also be a darker brown and white mix. This pup lives to be 12 on average. 
The Brittany was bred as a hunting dog, so they tend to be alert and can often leave you "gifts" on the back porch as they patrol their yard. These pups are high energy and need to be exercised daily as well as involved in family activities. If they are not, they can become destructive. As far as interactions with kids, the Brittany is very playful and makes a great best buddy as a child grows up.
Brittany dogs are naturally shy. To avoid problems when they become an adult, it is highly advisable that these dogs be socialized with other dogs and humans as soon as possible. They are very smart and will take to formal training as well if it is provided to them. 
This is one species that really will do poorly in a condo or apartment. A yard is really a necessity. If you are a jogger, you will love the Brittany as it makes a great running partner. Ready to take a look? Here's what we have as far as Brittany puppies for sale at the moment. 


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