Irish Wolfhound Puppies For Sale

Irish Wolfhounds are a domestic breed of dog that was traditionally bred to hunt wolves. If you are hunting for a quality family dog, we have Irish Wolfhound puppies for sale at the bottom of this page, but why not learn a bit more about them first.

  • They are the tallest dogs around, and on average are even taller than Great Danes.  
  • Puppies gain up to 1 pound a day.
  • These dogs eat up to 25 pounds of food a week, so be prepared to adjust your grocery budget.
  • Their rough and wiry coat is easy to maintain with a good brushing once a week.
  • Unfortunately, these pups only have an expected life span of 6-8 years due to health issues typically found in large dogs.

Historically, the Irish Wolfhound was admired by kings and emperors and given as gifts to royalty. Being loyal, patient and docile makes them a great pet for families, so long as you realize they are not particularly long lived.

Check out this video to see the Irish Wolfhound’s grand size and don’t forget to browse the puppies for sale below the video. 


New puppies are added every day, check back soon!

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