Newfoundland Puppies For Sale

The Newfoundland is a unique dog in that the breed is associated with a history of working on large ships. When browsing our Newfoundland puppies for sale below, you should keep the following breed highlights in mind:

  • Newfoundlands are big, hair dogs that live 8 to 10 years.
  • Despite their size, this breed needs plenty of exercise.
  • Although somewhat intimidating because of their size, this dog loves people and will try to sit in your lap. 
  • This breed sheds…a lot. You need to have them groomed at least every two months and brushed every week. 
  • A great, great dog with kids. 
  • Very obedient, but needs consistent training.
  • Not aggressive, but will bark at strangers. 

This video covers the breed more in depth. We encourage you to watch it and then scroll down to see the current Newfoundland puppies we have for sale.


New puppies are added every day, check back soon!

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