Papillon Puppies For Sale

Looking for a toy size dog with, well, large ears? The Papillon fits the bill. When browsing our Papillon puppies for sale below, keep in mind the following facts and characteristics for this small breed of pup. 

  • Papillon means "butterfly" in French and refers to the large ears of the dog that look like butterfly wings thanks to the color patterns running up the sides of their head.
  • This is a small dog bred to seek human companionship. 
  • The Papillon is an indoor dog with lots of energy, but not much stamina. 
  • Like many smaller breeds, this pup is hyper alert and will bark at intruders or visitors to your home. 
  • This is a dog better suited for adults versus kids. 
  • The Papillon is an attention seeker, so you need to be prepared to baby it a bit.
  • With a thick coat of hair, this dog needs to be groomed regularly. 

We've added the following video to give you a visual overview of this pup. If you prefer to get to the Papillon puppies for sale we currently carry, just scroll down the page.



New puppies are added every day, check back soon!

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