Puggle Puppies For Sale

What do you get when mixing a Pug and a Beagle? Introducing the Puggle. Before taking a gander at our Puggle puppies for sale below, we encourage you to first educate yourself on the breed via the following information and video. All dog breeds have unique characteristics, so it is important to ascertain whether a breed is a good match for what you are looking for in a pup.

Puggle Pup

The video below gives you an excellent overview of the Puggle, but here are the high points you need to know.

  • Puggles weigh about 20 pounds and are roughly a foot in height.
  • This breed lives between 12 and 14 years.
  • This is an energetic and outgoing dog.
  • The dog needs to be brushed once a week as well as washed once a month.
  • The Puggle is a very social dog. It does well with kids, family, visitors and other animals.
  • This breed needs to be walked every day at least.
  • This is a smart dog, but one that can be a bit stubborn as well. This can be resolved with training.

Ready to see Puggles in action? Here you go:


New puppies are added every day, check back soon!

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