Rat Terrier Puppies For Sale

The Rat Terrier is not the most popular dog breed these days, and we tend to think this great dog is brought down by its unfortunate name. The name comes from the fact the dog was bred to hunt down rats and other vermin in old England. Despite being fairly rare, we have purebred Rat Terrier puppies for sale below, but first let's give you an idea of the characteristics of this dog.

The key things to know about a Rat Terrier are:

  • The dog is not part rat. The name comes from its excellent ability to hunt the pest, not its pedigree.
  • This pup can live to 18 if it gets daily exercise.
  • With a short coat of hair, this dog has minimal grooming needs and doesn't shed too much.
  • Like most Terriers, this pup has plenty of energy and needs attention.
  • If this pup doesn't get plenty of attention, it can become destructive and bark endlessly. 
  • This breed can suffer from separate anxiety.
  • This pup is very smart and, as their name suggests, very quick and agile. 

This is a very good dog for a larger family with multiple kids. The following video fills you in more on the breed and you can see our current listing of purebred Rat Terrier puppies farther down the page. .


New puppies are added every day, check back soon!

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