Teddy Bear Puppies For Sale

When you browse our Teddy Bear puppies for sale below, you may notice something interesting – they don't all look the same. In truth, Teddy Bear is a bit of a catch all name for hybrid toy dog breeds. To help you get up to speed on these pups, we've included a list of vital facts and a video below on Dogo, the cutest little Teddy Bear puppy you could ever hope to find.

Key Facts

  • The Teddy Bear name comes from the fact these pups look like teddy bear dogs.
  • This breed is usually reported to be a mix of the Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise breeds, but there are other variations as well.
  • This is a companion dog that is good for adults and kids.
  • These pups are small, smart and perfect as an indoor dog.
  • This is the type of dog that crawls into your lap for a movie, not a backyard dog that chases Frisbees.
  • These pups have a life expectancy in the 14 year range. 

The following video gives you a feel for one pup in this breed. You can scroll down to see our current listings of Teddy Bear puppies for sale below it.

5 months old
North Canton, OH, US
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