4th Sign of a Responsible Breeder – Nurtures Puppies

Responsible Breeder

If you are looking at puppies for sale, you may also be considering different breeders. Like adopting a child, the experience should be safe and professional. If you have a specific type of puppy in mind, there’s no doubt you want to find a responsible breeder. There are several ways to determine if a breeder is responsible and if you can count on bringing a healthy puppy home.  One item on your checklist should include proper nurturing and veterinarian care.

Daily Care

Puppies are a lot of work. Responsible breeders can tell you they are very busy every day caring for their dogs and puppies. A proper puppy nursery will include a dry and warm whelping box for newborns. Mothers will take care of puppies in the first few weeks of their life, but a breeder must be prepared for unforeseen situations.

After puppies are weaned, they require more time and effort from their human mommies. They will be more active and feedings will need to be monitored to make sure each puppy is getting an adequate amount of food. Their growing and playing areas will need to be cleaned frequently. Puppies may need bathes and grooming. As I discussed in my last Responsible Breeder blog post, socialization will become a huge part of their life as well.

Veterinarian Care

Some breeders may administer their own shots depending on the state they live in, but every responsible breeder has a relationship with a veterinarian and may provide you with a veterinarian reference if requested. The first round of shots and worming should be completed before you bring your new puppy home. You should request documentation that this has been completed. It is not standard in all states, but I also recommend a health certificate to ensure your puppy has seen a veterinarian. If your chosen breeder is not accustomed to providing one, there may be an additional cost for this, but the peace of mind is worth it.

Transitional Care

Nurturing doesn’t stop when the pup leaves his first home. The breeder should tell you what and when the next round of vaccinations is due. It will now be your responsibility to care for your puppy’s health and wellness. Choose a veterinarian and make an appointment within 24 hours of bringing your new puppy home. This will ensure your puppy is healthy and will probably be required to maintain the guarantee. We will talk about guarantees in a later entry.

Your chosen breeder may have also started house training and other commands to help with the transition into your puppy’s new home. You will want to continue consistent and positive training reinforcement. This will be vital to your puppy fitting in comfortably as a lifelong companion.

Consult a veterinarian about the care and shots your puppy should receive from the breeder so you will be more informed and know what to look for when comparing dog breeders. This will help you bring home a healthy puppy!

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