An Alternative to Banning Pet Stores

The dog breeding industry has been portrayed in a negative light in recent years and for good reason! Unethical puppy mill operators raise hundreds of puppies in deplorable conditions with profit as the driving force.  Pet stores and online sales take the rap for creating the demand that fuels the supply.banning pet stores

There is an obvious problem with irresponsible breeders. It has been suggested that pet stores and internet sales give these breeders a storefront or fancy web page to hide behind and cover up their true practices. This, however, does not need to be the case.  Organizations like the Humane Society could help pet stores and online sales ban any irresponsible breeders by sharing and trading information.

In Hawaii, Kenneth Matsui, president of Petland Inc., says every quarter, Petland submits a list of breeders who participate in their puppy swap meet to the Hawaiian Humane Society. If any problem breeders are on the report, the society has agreed to notify Petland so they can take further action.

There are many ways to go above and beyond the USDA Animal Welfare Act and check breeders that sell directly to buyers online as well. Breeders that sell directly to buyers online do not have to be USDA licensed. Websites like create requirements to ensure the buyer that a breeder advertising on has met certain standards.

There will continue to be a demand for purebred puppies which will fuel the supply created by puppy mills. Creating a safe environment for buyers to find purebred puppies from ethical breeders will put puppy mills out of business. 

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