Dogs Comprehend More Than Some Realize

For almost as long as there have been people, humans have sought to distinguish themselves from animals. For many years, people didn’t realize they were animals. Once mankind got over that collective rude awakening, we looked for other ways to confirm our superiority. But the more researchers learn about our four-legged friends, the more similarities arise.

There was a time when scientists assumed only people had a vocalized language. Now we know dolphins and whales have an audible language. Their languages are very similar to how people communicate with vocal Border collie can understand over 1000 words of intelligence in addition to cognitive reasoning.

Border collies are classified as one of the smartest breeds of dog.

chords. Recent experiments strongly suggest that many animals can count. While they may not be able to do arithmetic, they have a cognitive awareness of multiple items. It is accepted that animals have emotions and different levels

Chaser is a 9-year-old border collie. Her owners claim she knows more than 1,200 words and comprehends what they mean when used within a phrase. Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson put her to the test. He asked her to find a toy he called Darwin, which Chaser had never seen before. Since Chaser knew the names of her other toys, she concluded Darwin had to be the doll she didn’t know.

Chaser is also able to comprehend what pointing means and will mimic people. That, according to Tyson shows she has a theory of mind, meaning she understands that others have their own minds and think differently.

With all that in mind, some animal advocates are questioning why dogs, cats, and other pets aren’t given more respect and seen as individuals instead of just property.

Chaser is the poster pup for those who believe animals deserve more legal protections, such as outlawing veal farms and eradicating physically torturous animal testing. Chaser and other animals are aware of what is happening around them and should be given the respect that comes with that understanding.

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