Holiday Grooming

‘Tis the season to deck the halls and hang the mistletoe. Don’t forget to include your pups in the festivities. This blog post offers tips on how to keep your pups looking their holiday finest this Christmas.

The most obvious tip is to keep your pet clean. Our canine companions have a different pH balance than humans, so make sure you are using a Dog groomingshampoo that is specifically for dogs. Dogs with short coats like Boxers, of course, don’t need to much work.

Brushing your dog’s fur should be a regular activity, not something done for special occasions. Regular brushing prevents snarls and matting. Also be sure to use the correct kind of brush for your dog’s fur. Not all brushes are equal. Dogs such as Bichon Frise have challenging thick and deep coats, so a regular brush will not get down into the tangles deep in it.

For a flashier look, paint your dog’s nails holiday colors using natural, pet-friendly polish. Nothing is funnier than a large dog with festival nails. Imagine a Rottweiler with little Christmas trees and you get the idea. Before polishing your pup’s nails, you’ll need to make sure they can hold still long enough for them to dry. We recommend brushing on a very thin coating so it dries quicker.

Just as daily brushing is important for a person’s health, dental hygiene is also extremely important for your pet. As most people know, brushing the teeth of a dog isn’t always an easy task. Start slowly with creating a routine for teeth brushing. Familiarize them with the tooth brush using positive reinforcement. Gradually, you’ll have the dog comfortable enough for brushing.

Just like shampoo, it’s important to get a toothpaste that is specifically made for dogs. You don’t want to use your minty fresh whitening paste that can be hazardous when swallowed.

At the end of the day, pups just tend to naturally look great whether we are talking about a  small Teddy Bear puppy or a big old beautiful Alaskan Malamute. Throw in a bit of green, red and festival decoration and your pup will be set for the holidays!