Puppy Mill Bill Allows a Closer Eye on Operations

Puppy Mill Bill Means Closer Watch A bill, authored by Assembly member Linda B. Rosenthal of New York, was designed to improve oversight of pet dealers in the state and help make sure their dogs are being kept in healthy and safe conditions by enabling authorities to require that the animals sold in pet shops be healthy, spayed or neutered, and do not come from puppy mills.

Rosenthal says, “With this new authority in hand, municipalities from Buffalo to New York City, the North Country to Long Island will be able to pass tough new laws to crack down on puppy mills and bad breeders who place profit above the health and safety of animals. This is a victory for animals, and for everyone who loves them and fought so long and hard to see this bill finally become law. I cannot thank Governor Cuomo enough for standing up for the helpless animals in New York State.”

Puppy mills are notorious for keeping their animals in deplorable conditions such as cramped, unclean cages while being forced to breed constantly. Many of the puppies and kittens end up getting sick or possess genetic abnormalities caused by improper breeding methods. There are also “cat mills” that mass produce kittens for pet shops.

ASPCA president Matt Bershadker adds: “The puppy mill industry wanted to keep the state law unchanged because it allowed maximum profit and minimum accountability. With this law, we’ll be able to keep a closer eye on these operations, stop inhumane practices, and undoubtedly save many lives. For New Yorkers and animal lovers—and animals themselves—this is a huge and important win.”

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