Ten Pound Dog Hailed as a Hero

Heroes come in all sizes…and species. A south Texas family is crediting their 10-pound Chihuahua-poodle mix for potentially saving a little girl’s life after she encountered a rattlesnake.Psycho the Hero Dog

Maya Delarosa and her sister were playing in a low mountain El Paso County area known as Hueco Tanks. Maya says, “Me and my little sister were making mud pies and I hear a hiss and a rattle and I look down and there’s a snake. And he was already curled up ready to strike.”

Just as the snake coiled, ready to bite, the family dog named Psycho jumped in between the little girl and the rattler. The snake caught Psycho in the face by his eye but missed the girl.

Maya’s grandmother, and Psycho’s owner, Martha Rodriguez said, “I love my little dog. Oh God! He saved her life.”

Veterinarian Vicki Dashley, who treated Psycho for a snake bite to his eyelid, agrees the family pet is a hero—and he’s also lucky. “He’s just got a lot of swelling around that eye. We won’t know for sure until the swelling has gone down, but we think the eye is going to be savable.”

Rodriguez believes her little mutt will always be there to protect Maya. “If the snake did it again he’d just jump back again. He’s my hero!”

Photo Source: www.kcentv.com

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