Tribute to Heroic Dogs of 9-11

Although most of the heroic dogs that aided in search and rescue during 9-11 have since succumbed to old age, we still honor them and pay tribute to their bravery. This video was made in 2011 to represent their legacy. Until this time, no national recognition had been given to dogs and their handlers.

As the parade of the service dogs and their handlers came down the Liberty Way, they were surrounded by proudly flying American flags and other search and rescue dog teams that came to show their respect and support. The dogs participating in the search included:

These highly trained professional dogs are invaluable to the people they serve on a daily basis. Their skills and loyalty go unmatched. Everyday working dogs make a difference in lives across the nation.

“Time and time again the dogs have shown that watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient are not mere words. They are the difference between life and death.”


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