Newfoundland Video

This gentle giant is a favorite among many people who love it for its calm demeanor, strength, and ability to save people. If you have kids and a body of water nearby, get a Newfoundland and your worries will be over. This dog is bred for its strength and ability to swim. The Newfoundland got its start in the early 1700s by helping fisherman drag in nets, carrying boat lines, and rescuing people from rough waters. The breed’s size and strength also made it a great dog to use in pulling carts over land. Additional duties of the breed today are companion, watchdog, and guard dog. This breed is very brave and as the video states, it would rather drown in an attempt to do a water rescue than not try to rescue anyone at all. This dog loves kids and its family as a whole. The Newfoundland is very gentle and will not be aggressive unless absolutely necessary and even then will just put itself between what it is protecting and the intruder.

The breed should be socialized with any other animals and given good leadership. A Newfoundland that is taught from an early age that it is subordinate to the people in its family will behave better and not display negative behaviors. This breed is very messy and will slobber all over everything. Train this breed early because of its size. The breed will be fine in an apartment with plenty of exercise. It should be walked daily and know how to lead on a leash. The Newfoundland does not do well in warmer weather, so should be kept inside or shaved. Always have water accessible to a dog. As a larger dog, they are prone to circulation issues and joint problems. The Newfoundland is a sweetheart of a dog who will show a family unconditional love and service.

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