Norfolk Terrier Video

The Norfolk Terrier was developed in England to hunt foxes with their small size that allowed them to get into the dens and flush the foxes out. This breed is incredibly intelligent and very brave. The Norfolk Terrier is a very calm breed that loves its family and are great with kids. This dog does well with other canine pets, but because of its varmint hunting background, should not be trusted with smaller non-canine animals. The Norfolk Terrier requires a good canine leader who can teach the dog to respect humans and that humans are the dogs pack leaders. A Norfolk Terrier that does not understand that it is the dog in the living arrangement may believe that it is a the leader of the household. If this happens, the dog may become aggressive, not listen to its owners, or a wide number of other behavior problems.

These problems will be corrected when the humans of the dog’s family start behaving as the pack leader. Train this dog early in life because it is known to be difficult to housebreak. As this is a hunting breed, make sure and give the Norfolk Terrier plenty of exercise. Take it on walks or runs each day. This will stimulate the animal’s mind and keep them in shape. This breed is a hunter so it will respond well to balls being offered to fetch. They will do well in an apartment if they receive this exercise daily. The Norfolk Terrier has a waterproof coat that is easy to take care of if brushed daily. Future owners should talk to their breeders about any health problems in a dog’s family history. The Norfolk is prone to back and eye diseases. The Norfolk Terrier will make a great family dog who loves to be with its people.

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