Old English Sheepdog Video

This is the breed that everyone thinks about when they think about of herding sheep. This giant of a herder has a scraggly coat that is its trademark. Old English Sheepdog’s have a murky origin with several different theories, but the breed started to be used in England to drive their livestock. The dog would get sheared at the same time the sheep were to produce warm products from their fur and make the dog more comfortable during the summer months. The breed is used for retrieving, herding, and being a watchdog. The Old English Sheepdog is a very fun dog and very happy. This breed is loyal and very protective of its family. They are gentle enough and patient enough to be around kids and love being a part of the family. Most herding dogs have an instinct to herd things and the Old English Sheepdog is no different. It loves to try and get other pets and people to do what it wants, so may try to nip at their heels.

Stop this behavior as soon as it starts and let the dog know that this is unacceptable. Breeds like the Old English Sheepdog need plenty of human leadership to know how to behave correctly. An Old English Sheepdog needs to know that humans are its leader and it does not lead humans. Dogs that believe they are the leader of a pack may display aggressive and other negative behaviors. This breed will do fine in an apartment if exercised each day with walks. This breed will love going for a walk, run, or jog to fulfill its herding heritage. They will need a professional groomer a few times a year to take care of grooming needs. This is an amazing animal and will bring owners love and loyalty for years to come.

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