Lost Dogs

Increasing the chances to find your lost pet

To virtually every dog owner or animal lover, Lost Dogs are as worrying as the inexplicable disappearance of a family member. Before you finish reading this line, chances are some dog somewhere will have gone missing. Losing Dogs can cause a lot of anguish, not just to the elders at home, but to the kids. The problem is that most owners who lose their dogs are clueless as to how to go about tracing Lost Dogs. In the event that you ever face such a situation, here's some useful information for successful Lost Dog Rescue.

Give your dog an ID

The very best people should do is to provide their dogs with licensed tags or a microchip. This will be of invaluable help in the unfortunate event of their pets going missing. Most cities and towns maintain records of license numbers, while local and national databases also have an updated list of chips registered with them. Should a dog warden or person find a lost dog, the ID would be of immense help to trace the owner. Thankfully, most dog and rescue shelters are equipped with scanners that can read chips. This done, they can then avail a 24-hour hotline to obtain an owner's contact details, viz., name, address and telephone number.

Tips to trace Lost Dogs

While Losing Dogs can be a truly harrowing experience, there are several methods you can adopt should you find yourself in such a predicament.

  1. Spread the word - Inform neighbors and friends in the vicinity of your residence. They will act as additional eyes for you.
  2. Search the home - Make a thorough search of your home as well as the garden or backyard. Sick or frightened dogs tend to hide under beds, bushes or even attics.
  3. Distribute a poster - Print or draw a simple "LOST DOG" poster and paste them around convenience stores, malls or school notice boards, etc. Include a color picture of your dog, its name, physical details, your contact address and telephone number.
  4. Insert an advertisement - Place a "LOST DOG" advertisement in a daily newspaper that's popular in your locality. Limit the details to exactly what you include in the poster.
  5. Contact dog shelters - Telephone, or call on dog shelters and dog rescue organizations in your city, town or suburbs, as well as those in neighboring counties.
  6. Use internet power - The phenomenal rise in internet users makes it a good medium to post 'LOST DOG" advertisements. There are several people who have traced their Lost Dogs and will bear witness to the power of the internet. You may also surf the internet to check "DOG FOUND" advertisements.

There's one big advantage in successful, Lost Dog Rescue efforts. Specifically, the experiences gained by people who had lost and found their dogs, (through one or more of the above measures), can now be shared with others who have Lost Dogs. After all, as any dog lover would say to one who has lost a dog - "your dog is my dog".

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