Cairnoodle Dog Breed Information and Facts

Although the Cairnoodle, sometimes called the Poocan, is such an adorable crossbreed, it is not as popular as many other designer hybrid dogs. If you are looking for a small dog that is eager to please and has a sweet personality, the Cairnoodle is worth considering. Let's take a closer look at the Cairnoodle breed information and facts you need to understand when considering this pup as a pet.
The Cairnoodle is a cross between the Cairn Terrier breed and the Poodle breed. The goal of breeders was to combine the best traits of both, so let's take a look at each.
The Cairn Terrier, which originated in Scotland and may have existed since the 1500s, is a hunting dog. It is great at catching rats and has a great sense of smell. Though small in size, the Cairn Terrier, like the Poodle is a capable and skillful breed.
The Poodle was also originally trained to be a hunting dog. The breed is known for being extremely intelligent and having fur that does not shed. 
The Cairnoodle weighs about 15 to 20 pounds on average. It typically will stand  about 10 to 15 inches tall.
Grooming Needs
The Cairnoodle is a non-shedding crossbreed and suitable for those with dog allergies. However, the breed does need frequent brushing to keep the hair smooth and tangle-free. Brushing is also important to remove dead hair. A few times of week is recommended. Bathing can be done as needed based on the appearance of the dog.
The Cairnoodle will do many things to impress and entertain you. Like its ancestors, the Cairn Terrier and the Poodle, the Cairnoodle is active, intelligent and eager to please. It is confident and fearless, and always alert. The Cairnoodle is faithful and highly trainable, making it a good candidate for a watchdog.
The Cairnoodle, like the Poodle, can be a bit sensitive. The crossbreed needs a good amount of attention. Easily bored and a little needy, the Cairnoodle does not like to be away from its owner or to be left alone. With good socialization, the dog can be more independent. Its kind nature makes it easy to get along well with children and other pets. It can, however, get suspicious of strangers and a little nervous around unfamiliar things. It will not hesitate to bark at strangers who come to your door.
Training Needs
The Cairnoodle is eager to please and is great at doing tricks. For best results, use positive reinforcement and rewards. Consistent training is important, but this is a smart dog that will try to assert its dominance in the household. Make sure you don’t let this happen. Once the pup accepts its submissive position, it will be well behaved and happy. 
Activity Level
Although the Cairnoodle is active, it does as well in cities and apartments as it does in a house with a yard. Either way, the Cairnoodle should still be taken on daily walks to burn off some energy and stay in shape. The crossbreed is also playful, so have toys around the house for it to play with and try different and new activities so it does not get bored or frustrated. 
In Closing
The Cairnoodle is a smart, energy dog that makes a good pet for an active family. Click below to see our current listings. If this doesn't sound like the best breed for you, consider visiting our home page to try our free Puppy Match App that identifies the best breeds for your lifestyle. 
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