Dog And Puppy Articles

Get tips and tricks about many different dog breeds from our expert dog breeders, veterinarians, dog trainers and dog groomers to help you better understand your new puppy's needs or how to better care for your dog. We've compiled everything from the latest puppy potty training tips to the real meaning behind dog names just to help you become a better dog owner. Being a responsible pet owner means staying up to date on the latest informaiton in dog health and puppy training, so get ready to be the educated pet owner your pooch has always dreamed of.

Dog Breed Videos 149

Dog species are unique and come with very specific characteristics. In this section on dog breed information, we provide you with articles and videos designed to give you the 411 on different pups whether they be as small as a Pug or as big as a Great Dane. 

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Dog Food & Nutrition 3

Want your dog to live a long and happy life? Of course, you do. To give them that life, you need to understand the issues surrounding dog food and nutrition. In this section, we provide you with articles on dog food and nutrition issues so you can make an educated choice when it comes to feeding you...

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Dog Grooming Articles 2

In these dog grooming articles, we cover the information you need to know about grooming your dog to keep them clean, happy and healthy. A matted coat of hair on a dog can lead to a host of health problems, so don't procrastinate when it comes to grooming your dog. 

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Dog Health Articles 4

If you own a dog, you need to be on top of health issues it may face just as you would with other family members. In the following articles, we cover dog health topics you need to know about and plan for to make sure your fur ball is with you for a very long time and happily so.  

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General Pup Information 12

Some dog subjects just don't fit nicely under a particular category. This doesn't mean the information isn't important. It is, so take a load off and browse through the following important articles.

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Puppy Training Articles 4

Puppies are incredibly cute, which can make it difficult to get motivated to train them. Don't make this mistake. Puppy training is incredily important because that adorable ball of fur in your lap is going to grow into an adult dog quickly. What is cute playfulness now will become annoying cond...

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