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Animaroo.com is dedicated to helping you find the right puppy for sale for your circumstances. We believe finding the right puppy for your family is a four step process. We call it the E.S.I.T. method. You first need to Educate yourself on the breed that best works for your family based on the characteristics of the breed. Step two is starting your puppy Search. Step three involves thoroughly Interviewing the ethical puppy breeders listing the puppy you are interested in on our site. Finally, you will want to complete your Transaction with the puppy breeder of your choice and collect all final sale items, guarantees and registration paperwork. Each of these steps can be time consuming and take a bit of patience to complete, but it is the best method for successfully buying a puppy for sale you will be happy with for years.

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To find the best puppy for you and your family, you need as much information as possible. Given this, we provide specific breed information to help you identify a pup that may need a specific level of grooming, training or space to move around in. We’ve also added a few pieces of extra educational information on each breed such as the breed’s origin. Specific things you should pay particular attention to include the character and temperament of a particular breed you are considering. Different dogs have very different characteristics, so it is important to find your perfect match.

To view listings, migrate to the bottom of this page and select the breed you are interested in. On the resulting page, you will see a summary of the breed as well as a chart of the various characteristics associated with each puppy on a scale of one to five in the right column. You will also see a few featured puppy listings for the breed.

To find more listings, click the "view more" listings banner on the bottom of the page. This will take you to a page with additional listings. Any puppy for sale listed in grey is a featured listing because these puppy breeders have gone through our 5 Star Breeding Program review.

Puppy listings shown below the preferred breeders are free listings. There is nothing wrong with these puppy breeders. They still undergo an interview process, but to a lesser degree of accreditation. They simply aren’t considered preferred in the manner required by Animaroo.com, but their offerings may possibly be of the same caliber as our featured breeders.

The interview process with a puppy breeder is one of the more important steps you will take in your search for the perfect puppy. Asking the right questions and knowing how to spot a scam are great ways to avoid problems with your purchase. All breeders found on our site have been interviewed and verified to be legitimate, responsible puppy breeders. Other sites can't say as much. Still, a certain amount of prudence should be used.

So, what should you ask? We believe the three most important questions are:

  1. Where was the puppy raised and has it been well socialized?
  2. What type of guarantee comes with my puppy?
  3. Do you have the sire and dam on site? If so, can you send me a photo or can I come by and see them?

To avoid scams, rule number one in dealing with a breeder is to never send money by Western Union or overpay for a puppy with a promise by the breeder to write you a check back for the difference. Any breeder suggesting either of these approaches should be avoided and we ask that you notify us of their identity and actions.

Once you’ve made your final selection, you’re ready to complete the transaction.  Many breeders will ask you to put a deposit down on your puppy. This is a normal practice and simply allows the breeder to be sure you are serious about the purchase.

Once the purchase is made, you should receive a registration certificate, health record, and suggested time frame for getting your puppy checked by a veterinarian. The registration certificate is commonly held until the puppy is spayed or neutered. The health record will show all veterinarian findings and shots received by your puppy. A guarantee of good health should also be provided by the breeder.

The veterinarian check is typically the responsibility of you, the new puppy owner. A pedigree is provided by many puppy breeders, but some do not. The lack of one isn’t necessarily a sign of a bad breeder. Some breeders simply don’t provide this service, but do have the appropriate records on file. If a pedigree is provided, it should show three generations of the lineage of the puppy.

If you live close to the breeder in question, you should be able to simply visit them and pick up your new puppy. If you are not close, shipping a puppy is considered a safe and common practice. Both ground and air transportation are available. Make sure to discuss with the breeder whether such shipping is appropriate given the weather at the particular time of the year you select your puppy.

Last but not least, we’re here for you! If you need assistance at any point in your puppy buying experience, just contact us for help. When it comes to matching a person with a puppy for sale, we have oodles of experience and can help make the process seamless for you. Don’t hesitate to email our friendly customer service at any time. We look forward to helping you find the perfect puppy for your personal situation, a dog you will love all your life.

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