Toy Rottweiler Breed Information and Facts

The classic Rottweiler is an amazing dog with a bit of a bad reputation. A Toy Rottweiler gives you all the positives of the breed, but in a smaller package. In this article, we highlight the Toy Rottweiler breed information and facts you need to know when evaluating this dog breed. 
The Toy Rottweiler is a miniaturized version of the full-grown breed. The Rottweiler descended from dogs that were used by the Roman army two millennia ago. They were bred in Rottweiler, Germany. Today’s Rottweilers are used for guide dogs, guard dogs, police dogs, and many other positions. 
The Toy Rottweiler weighs about ten to fifteen pounds and will stand around a foot tall when full grown. This makes it roughly 15 percent the size of the classic breed.
Grooming Needs
The breed has a light coat that is easy to brush and clean. They will shed a bit, but the very short hair makes this a nominal problem at best. Toy Rotties love to be brushed, so you should consider brushing them frequently just to make them happy.
The character of the Toy Rottweiler is the same as that of the full-grown Rottweiler. This is where a major misunderstanding arises. Rottweilers are not "mean" dogs. They can be raised to be aggressive, but there general temperament is one of being reserved. Their facial structure and coloring gives them an aggressive look, which is where much of the problem starts. Regardless, this is a dog that will crawl up in your lap on the couch and snooze away happily. The Toy version is no different. 
The Toy Rottweiler will be a great member of the family. The only issue with these dogs is treatment and socialization. Love and socialize them as pups and everything will be fine. If you don't, they can be aggressive towards others particularly if they feel threatened. 
Training Needs
Classic Rotties are used by the military and policy, which should tell you all you need to know about their intelligence level. These are smart dogs with plenty of discipline. They like to be the dominant dog, so establishing yourself as the alpha is important. Having said this, Toy Rotties love a structured environment so they will take well to training and often learn things very quickly. 
Activity Level
This is an athletic breed. Don't make the mistake of believing the smaller size of this dog relieves you of the need to provide it exercise. This pup needs a good walk every day and heading into a hiking area where they can chase squirrels or what have you is a smart idea. Also, play fetch and tug with your Rottie to wear them out and keep them in good health. 
I love Rottweilers whether the classic size or the toy version. These are great dogs and full of personality. You can see what we Toy Rottweiler puppies we currently have on offer by clicking the button below. 
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