Golden Retriever Breed Information

Golden Retrievers make loving and charming pets. They're so charming, in fact, that this is one of the most popular breeds for families in North America. This suits the Retrievers just fine - the breed requires a lot of human interaction. Because Golden Retrievers constantly seek approval from their owners, they are relatively easy to train. An athletic breed, these dogs enjoy hunting, swimming, running and retrieving. Highly intelligent , they are often employed by police officers for the detection of narcotics and are often used as seeing eye dogs for the blind. Male Golden Retrievers grow up to 61 cm, and can weigh up to 80 pounds, and are considered a "large" breed. Females can reach up to 56 cm and 75pounds. If given sufficient exercise, this breed will be fine in an apartment or small space. At the very least, a Golden Retriever should be walked once a day. Because they are friendly around other animals, long romps in dog parks are also recommended, but not until the dog has been fully vaccinated.

There are two types of Golden Retrievers. The British type tends to be bigger boned and shorter, with a coat that can range from gold to cream to red (although red is not acceptable in breeding and dog show circles). The American type is tall and more athletic, with a deep gold colouring. The coat of both the American and British Golden Retrievers are water repellent. Their fluffy coats normally require one dog grooming a week - but brushing may be required more frequently. Retrievers crave social interaction and can become distressed if left alone for long periods of time. Although generally healthy, this breed is prone to hip dysplacia and eye problems, so routine vet check ups are recommended. If purchasing from a breeder, make sure to check the health of the parents, as this breed is susceptible to hereditary heart disease and epilepsy.

Golden Retrievers are often referred to as kind and trusting, and because of their friendliness, do not make good guard dogs. Golden Retrievers are incredibly social animals, and,unless trained otherwise, they tend to "make friends" with everyone they come into contact with, including robbers and would-be attackers!

Golden Retrievers are the perfect family pet. Calm, loyal, intelligent and inquisitive, they will be a welcome addition to your family and are guaranteed to bring you and your loved ones many years of joy. Golden Retrievers truly are a cut above the rest!

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