Best Puppy Breeds for Kids

Dogs can be excellent companions for children from the time they are a baby until the day they go away to college. Dogs provide protection, can be a confidant and even play dress up with your child from time to time. If you want to buy a puppy for your kids, there are several things you need to consider including which breed is best for your child.


Collies are great dogs for children because they are calm, protective and very loyal. This is the type of dog you can bring around cats and other dogs without it going crazy. These pups are intuitive and play well with children of all ages. At the same time, you don't need to worry about leaving a collie with even a small child because they are inherently gentle. All and all, collies are a great dog for kids.

best puppy breeds for kids

Labrador and Golden Retrievers

Labradors and goldens are part of the retriever family. Both love the water, but not as much as they love kids. Both Golden Retrievers and labs are smart and energetic. They bond very well with kids and will be there for yours whether it means playing fetch or snuggling up to them when your child isn't having a good day. With their ever happy nature, these dogs are another great choice for your family.


Short, fat and super affectionate – this describes the average Puggle. Pugs are amazing family dogs and love to play with kids. Pugs tend to have tons of energy, but easily bond to kids. This means they protect your little one when necessary and keep them laughing the rest of the time with their hilarious personalities. If you are in a smaller area such as an apartment, pugs can also be great because they remain fairly small their entire lives.


The bright and loving personalities of Beagles make them great for kids. On top of being extremely sweet and caring, beagles are also very gentle. The only downside is a beagle often needs to be the only pet in the household. If you have other dogs or a cat, a beagle might not be a great choice.  

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise [pronounced "bee sean freeze ey!] is a small dog with lots of energy to keep your kids playing and happy.  This breed takes well to training and is inherently laid back so it does well around other dogs, cats and pets if you have them. The Bichon Frise is very child friendly.

Your Choice?

Any of the above breeds would be great for your kids. This doesn't mean other species wouldn't also work out well. I suggest you pop over to our home page and try out our Puppy Match tool. You can enter basic data about your family, where you live, how much time you have for the pup and the tool will give you an idea of the best breeds for you particular situation.

Annie Klacks

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