Yorkshire Terrier Breed Information

Yorkshire Terrier

The tiny Yorkshire Terrier or “Yorkie” has a bold demeanor befitting a dog ten times its size. The breed typically lives up to 15 years and can produce an average of 4 puppies per litter.

Named for the English town from which they hail, the Yorkshire Terrier was first used to catch rats in clothing mills during the 19th century.  The breed is believed to be the result of a mix of different terriers that was created to be small enough to fit in tight places. Although Yorkshire Terriers originally belonged to the working class, they eventually became house pets for members of Europe’s high society who found them playful and easy to carry.

The Yorkshire Terrier is characterized as a toy breed. They weigh just three to seven pounds and stand seven to nine inches tall.

Grooming Needs
The Yorkshire Terrier has a long, flowing coat in shades of blue and tan. The ample coat needs daily brushing and should be trimmed regularly to avoid tangles and matting. The coat may be kept short or long depending on whether or not the owner plans to show the dog. If the Yorkshire Terrier’s hair is kept long, it may need to be pulled back from their face while they eat or drink. Although the Yorkshire Terrier has plenty of hair, it does not shed much and can be a good dog for those with allergies.

Despite their small stature, the Yorkshire Terrier is a brave, feisty dog with plenty of confidence and a curious nature.  

The Yorkshire Terrier is known for being fiercely protective. The dog will bark relentlessly at strangers and other animals. The Yorkshire Terrier does not need a lot of room, but they do need plenty of attention from their owner and like to be involved in family activities. If the Yorkshire Terrier does not feel like they are being included or getting the attention they deserve, they have no problem asserting themselves into the situation. However, the Yorkshire Terrier does have an independent streak and will seek out privacy and space at times.

Training Needs
The Yorkshire Terrier is a smart dog that can be easily trained, but they require a strong and gentle owner. Housebreaking can be especially challenging for the Yorkshire Terrier. The tiny dog does not always enjoy going outside when the ground is cold or wet. Treats and other types of positive reinforcement can help the Yorkshire Terrier learn more quickly.

The Yorkshire Terrier can be demanding and stubborn if their owner does not assert themselves as the pack leader. Once trained, the Yorkshire Terrier can remember a number of commands and does well in agility competitions.

Activity Level  
The Yorkshire Terrier enjoys their walks, but only needs a small amount of exercise. They can be a good companion to seniors as well as people living in cities or apartments. Due to their size, the Yorkshire Terrier should be kept indoors as much as possible and is definitely not a yard dog.

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