Nehi Saint Bernard Breed Information and Facts

Originally bred to be a smaller, more manageable version of the classic Saint Bernard, Nehi Saint Bernards have exploded in popularity in recent years. Let's take a closer look at the breed information and facts you need to know about the Nehi Saint Bernard when considering it as a pet for your family.
The Nehi Saint Bernard – or, simply, the Miniature Saint Bernard – was bred out of the desire of many families to have a smaller, lower maintenance version of the parent breed. Specifically, they were looking for a dog that could be kept in the house, which meant it needed to shed and drool less than the traditional breed.  The exact genetic mix of the Nehi Saint Bernard varies wildly and can include: Cocker Spaniel, English Shepherd, Ori Pei, and Peke. All breeders agree, however, that the Nehi should have at least 50 percent of its genetics from the Saint Bernard.  Regardless, this genetic variety means one Nehi can look very different from another one although litters tend to be consistent. 
An amusing namesake, the Nehi Saint Bernard actually got its name because it was aimed bred to reach a height equal the knee level of a human being.  Put another way -  17 to 19 inches. At this height, the dog will weigh 40 to 60 pounds on average. This may seem high, but they carry a lot of muscle.
Grooming Needs
Despite the multiple coat types possible in a Nehi Saint Bernard, all will require weekly grooming with a brush and comb.  Nehi Saint Bernards shed in spring and fall, so daily brushing is required during these seasons.  Baths are only needed if the dog starts to smell badly. Given the mass of hair, you may want to have the pup professionally groomed.
As with the traditional Saint Bernard, Nehi Saint Bernards are very calm and loving dogs. They can be energetic when playing, which is why this breed is gaining in popularity so quickly. 
A favorite dog among families, the Nehi Saint Bernard is very low-maintenance in terms of behavioral training.  These dogs are naturally very gentle and affectionate. They absolutely love children and playful adults.  
Owners have noted particular trends in Nehi Saint Bernards that set them apart from traditional Saint Bernards: First, that Nehi Saint Bernards prefer to play using their front feet, rather than their mouths, and secondly that they have a love of toys and showing  them to their families.    These dogs will thrive best in a home with multiple people.  As a mid-sized dog, they need a calm and confident leader, but will submit very quickly once they understand that you are the alpha.
Training Needs
Nehi Saint Bernards are very easy to train, especially at a young age.  Most owners find these dogs can be fully housetrained as young as 8 weeks old.  It is important to properly communicate with these dogs and use clear commands right from the start.  Nehi Saint Bernards will very quickly grasp obedience, potty, and heel training.  Unlike many dogs, Nehi Saint Bernards can also be trained at an older age as well – yes, you can teach this old dog new tricks!
Activity Level
Nehi Saint Bernards have more energy than classic Saint Bernards and require regular exercise.  They should have multiple long daily walks, but will also thrive and mature into a healthy dog if they have off-leash play time as well.  Nehi dogs are more suited to an outdoor lifestyle and do best in a house that has a fenced-in backyard to give them space and fresh air in which to roam and play.
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