The Shorkie is not a purebred but rather a cross between a purebred Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier (also known as a "Yorkie"). Because this breed is a hybrid, dogs will vary in appearance and temperament. Snorkies are generally small dogs - the smallest being 6 inches long - but can measure anywhere up to 14 inches. Weight will also vary depending on the length of the dog, anywhere from 7-15 pounds. The coats of Yorkies and Miniature Schnauzers are similar, Yorkies have thin, silky coats in black and tan, Shih Tzus come in almost any colour and also have smooth coats, but the hair is often thicker than a Yorkie. Shorkies are normally a mix of the two, usually having soft hair which is thicker than the hair of a purebred Yorkie.

Expect your Snorkie to be yappy and, perhaps, fearless. Yorkies seem to be unaware of their size and will not hesitate to attack people and larger animals if provoked. While this can be minimalized through obedience training, it is best to monitor your Snorkie when around strangers and keep the dog leashed in public parks. Snorkies are generally intelligent dogs with boundless energy. They are suited towards apartment life but require daily exercise. Some Shorkies are sensitive to cool climates, and may need a sweater when outside during the winter months.

Shorkies require to be brushed every other day (unless it has the exact same hair as a Yorkie - then it requires a daily brush) and washed regularly. The area around the face tends to get dirty quickly and may need to be cleaned daily with a damp cloth. Bathe as needed, but make sure to keep the ears clean and the area around the eyes trimmed. Your Shorkie will probably need a professional trim twice a year. This hybrid breed rarely sheds, and some Shorkies are considered hypoallergenic.


Shorkie tend to age well and normally live 12-15 years. Hybrids are generally healthier than purebreds, but a few diseases to look out for are bronchitis, tooth decay, low tolerance to anesthetic, kidney stones, liver disease and skin disorders. Some Miniature Schnauzers suffer from hereditary eye problems. If your Shorkie is very small, she may have difficulty birthing and may require a Caesarean section performed by a veterinarian. Your Shorkie may gain weight easily, may suffer from premature tooth loss, and may wheeze and snore.


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