Akbash Dog Breed Information

The Akbash is an amazing dog breed, but one not known to many people. To give you the 411 on this dog, we've put together the following profile of Akbash dog breed information for your edification. 

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The Akbash Dog has a life expectancy of 10 to 11 years.


The Akbash emerged in Western Turkey more than 3,000 years ago. The dog was bred to protect livestock from bears and wolves, and was selectively bred to be white to help shepherds distinguish them from predators. The ancestry of the Akbash is unknown, but the breed is believed to have been influenced by the sighthound and mastiff.


The Akbash Dog in a big dog. It weighs 75 to 130 pounds. It can be up to three feet tall. 

Grooming Needs

The Akbash has a thick, white double coat that can be short or long. This pup is an above average shedder and completely sheds its coat once or twice a year with the arrival of warm weather. If you are not prepared for this mass shedding, your house and yard can look like it was hit by a freak snow storm. This pup should be brushed weekly and bathed occasionally.


Given the fact this dog was bred to protect livestock from bears and wolves, what kind of personality do you think it might have? Right. This is a dog with a bit of an independent streak as it was historically required to think for itself when making decisions on how best to guard livestock in the night. 


This is a guard dog, so it is naturally alert to new strangers in the area. it can be a wonderful companion for the right family, but requires lots of training and socialization. When raised correctly, this pup is quiet and calm in the house. They adore their family and get along particularly well with other dogs and pets after they get to know them and realize they are not a threat to the "herd", to wit, you!

Training Needs

The Akbash Dog is a highly self-sufficient breed. The breed is not naturally obedient, so training is a must. The leader in the household must demonstrate confidence, firmness and fairness. These dogs prefer to be dominant and will take a mile if given an inch. As such, Akbash Dogs are best suited to experienced owners with plenty of patience. As part of their training, Akbash Dogs also need lots of early socialization. Their protective instincts will never go away, but they nevertheless need exposure to different people and dogs to help them be good companions.

Activity Level

The Akbash Dog is an energetic puppy, but matures into a calm, laidback adult. The breed does not require a lot of exercise, but does need plenty of room to roam. They are not apartment dogs and thrive in rural environments.

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