Akbash Dog Puppies For Sale

The Akbash is an odd looking dog people tend to either love or, well, not. Before taking a closer look at our Akbash puppies for sale below, here are the key things you should know.
  • This breed comes to us from Turkey where it was bred some 3,000 years ago to protect flocks of animals for herders.
  • The dog weighs between 80 and 120 pounds on average. 
  • The Akbash has a beautiful white coat that can be either long or short.
  • The coat of hair must be brushed weekly. 
  • This is a protective dog and will bark at strange people or animals to alert you to their presence. 
  • This pup lives 11 years on average. 
  • Despite its size, this dog has a lot of energy. 
  • The Akbash tends to be an alpha male, so there needs to be a dominant male in the home to keep it under control.
Following please find our current listings of Akbash puppies for sale. 


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