Maltese Breed Information and Facts

Classified as a Toy Dog, Maltese dogs are known for their silky, curly hair and small, sturdy frame.  Let's jump with both feet into the breed information and facts you need to know about the Maltese when determining if this is the pup for you.
Maltese Origin
The Maltese originated in Italy and hails from the city of Malta.  Big surprise, eh? For over 28 centuries, this dog was the pet of choice of aristocratic families and royalty throughout Europe. This trendiness made them notoriously expensive.  Very little cross breeding has been done to change the appearance of the breed from its ancient origins.  The Maltese were first recognized by the AKC in 1888 and has continued to be immensely popular around the globe both as a show and house dog. 
Average Size Facts
The average height of the Maltese is 8 to 10 inches. A mature pup will weigh in the range of 6 to 9 pounds.  They can often look a bit bigger thanks to their flourishing coats of hair.  
Maltese Grooming Needs
This is a put that needs a good bit of attention and maintenance.  With such a soft long-haired coat, it is essential to brush a Maltese on a daily basis.  It is also necessary to clean the eyes and “beard” of a Maltese on a daily basis as well, as tearing and food crumbs can stain and ruin their fur.  
Maltese can either be bathed or dry shampooed on a regular basis - once to twice a month – but it is very important to dry them immediately after they can suffer from hypothermia in the water. Yes, they are that fragile.  
Ears and eyes will need to be checked regularly for excess hairs – ear hairs can be plucked quite easily – as it is important to avoid irritation to the skin or infection.  The hair over the eyes can either be left long and pulled back with a little top-knot or trimmed short for easy care and maintenance. It is also important to keep in mind that small dogs are more prone to periodontal problems and you should aim to brush your Maltese’s teeth on a weekly basis as well.
Character of the Breed
The Maltese is devoted to its master and will spend its days as a lively and spirited companion. It tends to stick with the owner wherever they go. 
Temperament of the Maltese
This breed is the prototypical lapdog.  These pups love their owners and will stick right with you full time. The bond they form with a person is actually a bit startling, although they can still have a bit of stubbornness and independence one associates with anything of royalty.
Breed Training Needs
Maltese will learn best through regular and positive training that both encourages their intelligence but reminds them that you are their leader.  Begin obedience and potty training from day one with a Maltese as these will be the hardest lessons to learn for the pup. Once they get the hang of the training process, these pups will pick up new commands much quicker.   
Activity Level
Maltese dogs have a moderate energy level and do well with a daily walk and play time either outdoors or inside.  It should be noted that some Maltese have a strong dislike for wet weather. Very hot or cold temperatures can be a health risk as well.  Allow the dogs to socialize and play with other dogs or people regularly, and be receptive to cuddling and affection when the dog grows tired.  
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