The Snorkie breed is a popular breed in some areas of the world. However, in other areas, it is not as well known. That is because people do not always like getting a mixed breed, and that is what Snorkies are, a mixed breed of dog. However, today we are going to talk about the wonderful characteristics of these dogs and why you should think about getting one! When you are done reading this, you may see why so many people are starting to go looking for Snorkie puppies.

The main thing to note about Snorkies is that they are very sweet dogs. Although they can not be entered into any shows or contest, these dogs make great family dogs. In fact, that is the only reason why you should get a Snorkie dog in the first place. If you do not want it to keep you company, then this is not the dog for you! Not only that, but Snorkies are super easy to train. If you raise them around other animals, then they will get along with just about all animals. It's also important to note that Snorkies are very good with kids. This has a lot to do with the fact that Snorkies love to play, and kids love to play. So pretty much, a kid and a Snorkie are going to be like two peas in a pod!

Another great thing about the Snorkie is the fact that it has very few dog health problems. This is the benefit to owning a mixed dog. Whenever you have a full blooded dog, you have a chance of it having a health problem that is related to that breed. Since they are only bred together, that means that the health problem gets worse over the years. Mixing them with other dogs gives that problem a shot at going away. Overall, the Snorkie is one of the healthiest dogs that you are ever going to find.

Of course, not everything is great about the Snorkie either. Like all dogs, it does have its downfalls. This is a dog that can have a problem when you go away, meaning that it does not do good on its own. People say that this dog can get a little bit crazy and start chewing on things. This can be bad for people who have to go to work everyday and leave the dog behind. The dog will start to get lonely, and it may start acting out like a spoiled child. This is something that you may be able to work with your dog on, but it does not guarantee that it is ever going to grow out of it. That is something that you really have to think about before you choose to get one of these dogs.

Still, overall, this is a great dog to get. Snorkies are very loving and just need affection. Training them the right way when they are young is very important and not something to take lightly.

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