Imo Inu Dog Breed Information

A lot of people like the look of a fluffy white dog. They like the coats of the dogs that are like the sled dogs that are thick and feel like a teddy bear when you hug them. However, those are always really big dogs, and it can be hard to keep them in a small house. That is where the Imo Inu comes into play. This is a dog that is mixed with the American Eskimo and the Shiba Inu. What you are left with is a dog that has a wonder coat, like the American Eskimo, but is much smaller. You are not going to find a more lovable dog than this one. 

These dogs do not need a whole lot of care. They do like a lot of attention and do see themselves as part of the family (or see you as one of the members of their pack). So spending the day not playing with this dog is not an option. This is a dog that is going to do whatever it is you want to do, as long as it can come. They love to go to the park, and they love when it snows. They are very good at handling the very cold temperatures. During the summer they tend to get too hot. So keep a lot of water around for them. This is because the coat is so thick, and the fact that it does not shed does not help matters. These are dogs that need dog grooming. Even if you do not cut their coat, you need to brush them outside. This will help get rid of some of their fur that does shed. So be sure to do this outside to avoid from getting it all in your house. These dogs do love to play, so if you have kids, these dogs are going to spend a lot of time with them. These dogs do like to sleep in your room, but normally not on the bed. It gets too hot for them. If you have a master bedroom with a bathroom in it, the dog will sleep in there if you leave the door open. That is because the floor stays cold.

These dogs, for the most part, do get along with other dogs. This is good if you already own a dog or a cat. The best thing that you can do, to make sure that these dogs will get along with the dogs you own, is to raise them with these dogs. From the time they are puppies they need to be around these other dogs. This will assure that they learn how to play and interact with other dogs on a more positive level.

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