Lhasapoo Breed Information and Facts

Designer dogs are all the rage these days and this pup is no different. Let's take a close look at the Lhasapoo breed information and facts you need to know when deciding if this is the dog for you.
A popular hybrid breed, the Lhasapoo is naturally intelligent and can adapt easily to an owner’s lifestyle – making it an ideal companion for families, single owners and elderly couples.  They are also very hardy and athletic dogs that excel in competitions of agility, obedience, and rallying.
The Lhasapoo is a cross of the ancient Lhasa Apso breed and the beloved Poodle.  Both breeds are naturally intelligent and are known for having unique and beautiful coats which lead to obvious interest by breeders.  The exact appearance of each Lhasapoo depends highly on the exact genetic mix of its parents. Given this, coats of hair can come in a wide array of styles: tight curls, soft loops, waves, or straight.  
The height of a Lhasapoo can vary drastically, as its genetics can either be part Lhasa Apso or part Miniature Poodle.  On average, most owners find that the Lhasapoo is a bit taller than the Lhasa Apso (who reaches 11 inches at maximum) but usually will not top 15 inches.  Lhasapoos can weigh between 10-20 pounds. 
Grooming Needs
While the exact appearance of a Lhasapoo will vary from one dog to the next, their coats will always have beautiful fur that will be silky soft.  Brush or comb a Lhasapoo every 2 – 3 days to keep the hairs untangled and shiny.  Shampoo your dog once a month at most.  Many Lhasapoo owners find that trimming the coat or taking the dog to a groomer once every 4 – 6 weeks will keep the dog’s coat healthy and beautiful as well.  
Lhasapoos are known to develop tearing around the eyes and will need to have their face – or at least the eye area – wiped down with a warm, damp cloth on a daily basis.  Keep nails trimmed every 2 weeks and check ears regularly to make sure they are clean of excess hairs and dry.  It is also important to keep in mind that small dogs are more prone to periodontal problems and you should aim to brush your Lhasapoo’s teeth on a weekly basis as well. 
While the exact character varies from dog to dog, on a whole Lhasapoos are popular hybrid dogs because of their intelligence and lively attitudes. 
In dogs where the Lhasa Apso genes are more dominant, a Lhasapoo will be an excellent watch dog, learner, and a bit more aloof than other dogs.  Positive training and regular socializing will keep dogs of this demeanor away from stubbornness and barking.  In dogs where the Poodle genes are more dominant, a Lhasapoo will be playful, eager to learn, and affectionate.  
In either case, the best way to raise a healthy and energetic young Lhasapoo is to allow its natural tendency to play and learn to flourish.  Well trained, socialized and exercised Lhasapoos make great companions for children and other dogs, and will eagerly listen to their owner. 
Training Needs
The Lhasapoo requires a calm and confident authority in both training and daily settings.  Begin training your Lhasapoo from day one beginning with obedience and potty training.  Allow your dog to socialize regularly with other dogs at this early age as well so they do not mature to be timid or nervous, which can lead to snapping and aggression in older dogs.  Train a Lhasapoo away from barking and separation anxiety by asserting yourself as the pack leader and accustoming it to alone time.  From there, a Lhasapoo will be able to learn new skills quite easily – heeling, retrieving, seeking – and will eagerly learn new skills whenever you can teach them.  
Activity Level
Seeing as both Poodles and Lhasa Apsos are naturally lively dogs, a Lhasapoo will need a daily walk and regular playtime in an open space.  Structure in regular playtime with other dogs so the Lhasapoo will not be timid, and work in a weekly training time as well to go over new and old tricks to keep your Lhasapoo mentally healthy and alert.  In terms of space, a Lhasapoo will do best either in a safe, fenced-in area where it can run around and explore or in an apartment with a large open room.  
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