Shih Chon Dog Breed Information and Facts

The Shih Chon is a designer dog becoming more and more popular with dog lovers every day. Here's the Shih Chon breed information and facts you need to know when deciding if this is the pup for you.
Breed Origin
The Shih Chon is an artificially created breed line. Breeders intentionally mixed a Shih Tzu with a Bichon Frise to produce this pup. Although a mix of these two pups, the Shih Chon will tend to show traits of one or the other genetic parents depending on which one is dominant. This can lead to significantly different colors, size and temperaments.  
Average Size
The Shih Chon will grow to weigh ten to twenty pounds and stand just under a foot tall as a full grown adult. In this sense, it is a bit bigger then most people expect.
Grooming Needs
The Shih Chon has a long and beautiful coat. Of course, this means it also requires regular brushing and cleaning. Most of these pups should be brushed every couple of days at a minimum. As for bathing, once a month is a must unless the dog is getting into dirty areas more often than usual.
Breed Character
The breed is reported to act like a little human. It loves to be with others and play. This is not a dog you can stick in the backyard all day. Instead, it needs to interact with the family to remain happy and active.
This is not a guard dog breed by any stretch of the imagination. The Shih Chon is bred to be playful and friendly. This means it will be friendly with everyone, including strangers, which is a trait that may or may not be what you are after. 
Training Needs
As with most small dogs, this pup can suffer from small dog disease and be domineering if you let it get away with such conduct. Socializing and training needs to be undertake as soon as possible with this pup. If you take such steps, the pup should be loyal and disciplined. 
Activity Level
The Shih Chon will do well in apartment life as long as it gets plenty of exercise each day. If not, this pup can become bored and destructive. A daily walk is also advisable, but make sure to be conscious of potential problems related to hot or cold weather as this pup is not the most rugged of dogs. 
The Shih Chon makes for a great lapdog. As long as that is exactly what you after, it makes a perfect dog. If you aren't sure if this breed is for you, try our free Puppy Match App to find other breeds that might be a better match. 
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