Dogs Wanted

Placing a dogs wanted listing is the best option when you can't find the exact puppy you are looking for. Each time a breeder has a new litter of puppies, they can check to see if their new litter matches your requests.

It will be easier for a breeder to match your criteria if you are very specific in describing the puppy or dog you want. Color, sex and personality traits are a few specific things that you can add to your dog wanted listing to increase your odds in making that perfect match.

You will also need to keep in mind your budget when posting a dogs wanted listing. Most dog breeds at a specific age and sex have an average going rate they are sold at. Browse the dog breeds section of our site to find other puppies that roughly match your criteria so you can have an appropriate budget in mind.

Beware of scams. If you are contacted by a dog breeder concerning your dog wanted listing, ask for their name, address and phone number to verify their identity. Call the phone number back to confirm its accuracy. Commonly people who are trying to scam you will present you with stolen photos, a very low price and a faulty phone number.

Select the link below to place your dogs wanted listing on Animaroo. You will be contacted shortly by dog breeders that have available puppies to match your criteria.